Bad Customers

Angelo Rositano 


Seaton SA  5023


Entry Date:  May 4, 2019


On 23 April this customer bought 4 items.  They were shipped to him on 24 April


On 26 April, this customer called to say he did not get what he ordered.  We discussed this and determined that he received exactly what he ordered, it is just not what he wanted.  He kept arguing that the web site should be more clear and that it was misleading.


This is hard to believe as the web site has been running for 12 years and he is the first person to raise this issue.  There was no way to have a meaningful conversation with him in his state of mind and he was not making a lot of sense so I politely told him that the conversation was not going anywhere and that I will be hanging up the phone.  I hung up.


On April 29 he called again and admitted it was his fault, he made a mistake and would like to return the goods for a refund.  No problem  as soon as I receive the goods you will receive a full refund less the shipping costs ( a direct cost to me).


He was not happy with the fact that I would not refund the shipping costs.


Next thing I know I have the funds frozen by PayPal and he has raised a dispute and wants a full refund.  I supply all the information to PayPal including copies of all documents but, as usual, PayPal sides with the buyer in all cases.


So we don't deal with this individual any more.