Anderson SB120 Weather Plugs. (Pair)
Anderson SB120 Weather Plugs. (Pair)
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Weather proof your Anderson SB120.


These plugs fit in the back of the Anderson SB120 to weather proof the cable entry.   They come in multiple sizes to suit the cable you are using. 


For example:  our 6 sq mm twinflex cable uses the 7.5mm plugs;  our 10 sq mm  twinflex cable uses the 8.5mm plugs.


If you are having trouble fitting these plugs, use some liquid soap or detergent to lubricate.  Should slide in place easily then.


To determine the size plugs you need, just measure the diameter of the cable you are using (including the insulation) and select from the list below.


These weather proof plugs are 3D printed in house.  They are printed using TPU, a polymer that is extremely tough yet very flexible.


Below you can select the diameter of the cable you are using.  The Weather Plug has a 1.0mm tollerance.  So if your cable is 10.5mm diameter select the hole size as 10 mm.


Sold as a pair.


TIP:  If you are having trouble sliding the Weather Plug onto the cable or installing it in the SB120, use some liquid soap as a lubricant.  - Works great !!


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